Wikidot Hacked By Russian Hackers

Things are getting out of hand!

Wikidot Hit By Russian Hackers
image credit: pixabay

Wikidot was hacked with all traces leading to the Russian foundation. Wikidot is the world’s largest wiki farm that allows anyone to start a wiki site. People use it to publish content, share documents, and collaborate with friends or co-workers.

Firstly, The website was hit by denial of service attacks; reported via a tweet. However, The roots of the attacks are believed to be originated from Russia. According to Wikidot’s tweet, the Russian Federation “left quite a mess”.

Wikidot hacked by Russian federation; says tweet

Wikidot Hit By Russian Hackers
image credit: Wikidot

“Wikidot has been hit by hackers and all traces lead to Russian Federation. The data seem intact, but hackers left quite a mess. We need to scan literally everything to make sure Wikidot is secure. Before re-enabling it… It will take a while… Will keep you posted!” the tweet said.

Since the hack, followers of the platform showed support in the comments of the tweet. With some accounts giving technical instructions and spreading awareness. Although the data seems safe the website is doing a complete scan to look for threats.

Earlier, Russia threatened Google and Wikipedia with consequences for not following its war narrative. This could be the Russian state-backed hackers trying to cripple the network.

Do you think is the Russian federation responsible? secondly, Why is the website hacked? Comment down your thoughts.

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