WiFi Routers Will Charge Your Phone’s Battery: WiFi Charging



This is one technology that everyone is waiting for to arrive. Every person had given a thought to it and wished something like that could happen in future. How easy would life become if you won’t have to sit beside a wall while your phone gets charged! It would be revolutionary if the project for charging of electronic devices by RF energy is synthesized.

News regarding this technology and that various companies are already working to test the charging potentials are rife. The technology by which even with your motion, batteries could be charged is also being worked upon. Batteries have been charged before too without wire, but that required close vicinity with the charging gadget or by induction in power mats.

Various companies like Energous (WATT) and Nikola Labs have devised their own ways to increase the productivity of the electronic gadgets. While Energous’ model is based on utilizing Radio Frequency Wave energy that is sent and received by the cell phone itself, Nikola Labs have created a smartphone case that harness the energy that mobile phone wastes while searching for reception signals from cell towers and wi-fi routers.

To harness radio wave energy, a station is developed that directly converts radio energy into electrical energy. It would require a special transmitter that sends energy and a receiver  that would receive signals that would later be converted to energy to charge the gadget.

Nikola smart cases will be available in the markets later in 2015 while Energous RF chargers are in the creative stages where the receivers will be embedded in the gadgets itself.

Things will become incredibly simple if an efficient way such as ‘RF charging’ is developed for the electronic devices. Charging while on the move would also increase the productivity of the users.

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Image: Wired

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