Why WikiLeaks Redesigned its Homepage Exactly like Google’s?


wikileaks-homepage-googleWhistle-blower website WikiLeaks has rolled its new homepage and it possesses a striking similarity with your favorite search engine Google. Yesterday, I visited the WikiLeaks website and amid this confusion, I checked the URL once again in my web browser to confirm it. :D

So, why WikiLeaks did all this redesigning? Answer to this question is straight and simple. Recently, WikiLeaks creator Julian Assange released a new book named “When Google met Wikileaks” and this is an obvious way to draw some attention to it.

“When Google met Wikileaks” contains such material that suggests that Google is getting some competitive advantage over its rivals due to its closeness with the Unites States government. Similar allegation were made by The Wall Street Journal and recently Google backfired recently with facts and GIFs.

VB writes that WikiLeaks is trying its best to publicize the book and is even offering a $21 t-shirt with this new Google inspired WikiLeaks logo.

Earlier, WikiLeaks published a complete five-hour chat’s transcript between creator Julian Assange and Google’s Eric Schmidt.

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Adarsh Verma

Adarsh Verma

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