Why Are Koreans Switching From Samsung To iPhones?

Samsung is paying for its transgressions!

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Samsung is one of the few mobile brands that isn’t afraid of trying new products. It is often touted as the biggest competition for Apple. But the company is slowly losing ground in its own country. South Koreans are slowly losing affection for Samsung mobile phones, and the reason behind it will shock you. Koreans are now switching to iPhones, which is sad news for not only Samsung but other Android phone brands.

A Korean YouTuber went down to the streets of Seoul and enquired people about the smartphone brand choice. It was surprising when many admitted to using the iPhone or recently switching to the iPhone from Samsung.

Koreans don’t like Samsung anymore

It all started with a deceptive tactic by Samsung to disable high CPU and GPU performance via its GOS app. It contained a list of over 10000 apps that it would flag and then reduce system performance. Surprisingly, the phone maker left out all the benchmarking apps on the list. Geekbench banned all Samsung phones containing GOS app.

Samsung tried to save its reputation by presenting the GOS as a method to save devices from overheating. But it clearly leaves out benchmarking apps that also consume a lot of resources. If it was a life-saving move, it would have throttled the benchmarking apps as well. But it was a clear case of deceit. Samsung later released an update to unlock maximum performance on phones running GOS.

After Apple, Samsung To Launch Phones With 1TB Storage
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But the damage is already done, as it appears in the video. Koreans are slowly switching to iPhone and are losing the love for Samsung they had before. However, it isn’t a gregarious shift, as the Koreans still love their home brands. But a select section of the population, such as youngsters and gamers, are now opting for iPhones. Other primary reasons are the powerful camera capabilities and no performance throttling.

But Apple has also indulged in a similar act in the past. It wasn’t to shine on benchmark charts but to protect the battery from draining down faster. Apple released a software update that would limit the phone’s performance and thus increase battery life. But it is surely enjoying the rising consumer base in Korea, which is a slow burn for Samsung, mocking Apple all the time.

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