Why Players Think Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Is Not Worth $70


Activision released the much-awaited Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War a couple of days back on November 13. ‘Call of Duty’ enthusiasts were extremely excited to try out the game, and for most parts, the Cold War didn’t disappoint.

However, recently, several players have come forward to say that Activision’s latest title is way too overpriced. Of course, Black Ops Cold War offers a good campaign, but it includes very less in-game content for Multiplayer. That is why players think putting a $70 price tag on Cold War is ridiculous.

A few months back, Activision announced that the base price for its PS5 and Xbox Series X titles would be $70; that’s $10 more than the current-gen versions’ price. Nevertheless, players are perfectly fine paying that amount for ‘AAA’ titles that give enough in-game content for players to enjoy. Unfortunately, Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War didn’t land in that category.

The Reddit user ‘You__Nwah’ expressed his disappointment with the ‘overpriced’ title through a post. The player states that the Cold War comes with only eight Multiplayer and one Zombie map. The number of maps is way too less when compared to the previous Call of Duty titles. For instance, Black Ops 4 came with 14 Multiplayer maps, which is “almost double” of what ‘Cold War’ offers.

Call of Duty Cold War is overpriced

Black Ops Cold War Beta, which was completely free, already had six 6V6 Multiplayer maps. So, by paying a heavy price of $70, players only get two additional MP maps. What makes things worse is that the game only offers 27 weapons, “including all the side-arms.”

No doubt, the Campaign of Black Ops Cold War is pretty good; however, not all players bought this game for the ‘Campaign.’ Several players paid the amount for the good PvP experience — the part where the game disappoints.

Moreover, according to the community, the Cold War’s PC optimization is awful. Several players have complained that the game is performing terribly even on powerful systems. The FPS performance is almost half of what it was with last year’s Modern Warfare. Also, according to some players, their systems are overheating while playing the game.

Of course, over time, Activision will release more content for the Cold War, such as new weapons, multiplayer maps, and more. However, according to Reddit users, the excitement for Call of Duty titles only lasts for about a year. So, waiting an entire month to get some new in-game content is not worth the price.

Shivam Gulati

Shivam Gulati

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