Why Are the Ants Crawling Around This iPhone?


ants-crawling-around-iPhoneShort Bytes: This video shows ants being mind controlled to crawl around an iPhone as it receives a call. The experts are equally confused as are the regular YouTubers. Check out the video and see if you got any answers.

This isn’t any promotional video by Apple to show its iPhone’s supremacy before its official iPhone launch event on September 9- and neither it is some bizarre insect ritual.

The video posted by the Viral Video Lab on YouTube shows a swarm of ants getting into a tight formation and then crawl around the iPhone on an incoming call. The ants’ behaviour has confused even the experts.

Many are speculating that the little insects are being mind-controlled by the electromagnetic waves. It is known that ants like several other animal and bird species use magnetism to orient themselves, but this video shows a fairly fast organisation of their movements.

Some experts refute this theory by implying to the ants’ habit to follow each other as we mostly see. So as per their logic ants are only following the pheromone trail.

But, the circular motion is still unanswered. Check out the video and tell us if you have any theories of your own. I would go with magnetic hypnotism.

Stay tuned with us and share your views in the comments below.

Aashish Sharma

Aashish Sharma

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