Who Leaked Windows 11: Let’s Analyse Different Conspiracy Theories

Is it Windows 11 or just Windows 10 with a skin pack?


So, who leaked Windows 11? Many tech enthusiasts are now using an unreleased Windows 11 copy that leaked earlier this week. This is an internal build dated May 30, 2021, and brings a host of UI changes to the table. Still, the question that is obviously sparking curiosity among many is how did Windows 11 build leak in the first place?

Today, let’s discuss various Windows 11 conspiracy theories that are flying around.

Who leaked Windows 11 on the internet?

Windows 10 vs Windows 11 New UI

Theory 1: Microsoft leaked Windows 11 to create hype

Some users believe that Microsoft itself leaked or helped the build get leaked on the internet. It did so to create hype around the upcoming Windows version. The Windows OS has mostly been a deserted land for years and Microsoft could use some publicity.

A tweet that enthusiasts are referring to in order to support this theory was made by Redmond sometime after the Windows 11 build got leaked.

However, Microsoft has itself filed DMCA complaint against websites linking to the leaked build. This indicates that the company isn’t behind the Windows 11 leak. Microsoft leaking the build and filing DMCA complaints with Google doesn’t make much sense.

Theory 2: Some Microsoft Partner leaked it

Most leaks, either hardware or software, are facilitated via channels outside the company. Many Windows experts and enthusiasts do believe that Microsoft isn’t the force behind the leak and we also think along similar lines.

According to Paul Thurrott, the leak is more likely to come from a Microsoft partner, OEM, or someone from a third-party organization having access to the build.

Theory 3: Microsoft leaked a fake version of the next Windows to confuse us

If you remember, Microsoft purportedly leaked a fake version of Windows XP with the Watercolor shell that resembled Windows 2000. Later, Windows XP came out with an entirely different UI experience.

It’s being suggested that the Windows 11 leaked build could be a similar attempt to hide the real cake that’s being baked. However, the Windows XP episode was almost 20 years back; since then, Microsoft has ballooned a lot in size and structure, being perceived as more mature. So this theory doesn’t seem very credible.

Theory 4: Someone else modified an under-development Windows build

While it’s highly unlikely, it’s also rumored that some trickster geeks edited a Windows 10 build and wrote Windows 11 in various places across the OS.

On a side note, our contributor Devin McElheran was able to spot that the leaked build has a version number that follows the Windows 10 sequence. However, that doesn’t prove anything concrete as it’s a common practice in software development to use the existing codebase and versioning sequence for subsequent releases and upgrades.

windows 10 windows 11

It could still be Windows 11

Nonetheless, there are many things that point towards the leaked build actually being Windows 11 or at least not a fake one.

For starters, you have the centered UI, rounded corners, and other visual changes. Also, you can clean install it or upgrade to it from Windows 10 when installing the leaked build, which reduces its chances of it being fake.

Further, after spotting Microsoft’s DMCA, we can at least confirm the existence of Windows 11, although, we don’t know who leaked it. Even if the act was staged by Microsoft, it would take a lot of time, effort, and money to create the new user interfaces that we are seeing.

What could really happen is that Microsoft might have more stuff to offer during the Windows event. But well-known Windows journalist Mary Jo Foley has advised people to hold their horses regarding any significant announcements. It could be possible that what we are seeing is near about final for Windows 11. But again, this time, we should take everything with a grain of salt.

Aditya Tiwari

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