Who Is Yor Forger In Spy x Family?

Here's all you need to know about this kind but deadly assassin.

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Who Is Yor Forger In Spy x Family?
Image Credit: Tatsuya Endo

Spy x Family is peak comedy anime with some great stories, and most of them include this awesome character. We’re, of course, talking about Yor Forger, otherwise known as Thorn Princess. She is wife to Loid and also the new mother to Anya Forger.

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So since she’s the family’s wife, you should probably know all about her if you’re a fan. But in case you don’t, this article is precisely for you. So let’s talk about this gorgeous assassin starting with who she is.

Who is Yor Forger?

Who Is Yor Forger In Spy x Family?
Image Credit: Tatsuya Endo

Yor Forger or Thorn Princess is an average government worker by day and a deadly assassin by night. However, she’s not a killer for hire type; instead, she takes on the enemies and traitors of the nation to ensure her country’s safety. And contrary to what her job entails, she is very kind and cheerful.

What does Yor Forger do in Spy x Family?

Not only is she an assassin but an extremely good one too. Her proficiency at her job has earned her the title of Thorn Princess, a name that is feared by everyone that becomes her target. From what we’ve seen in the show, she possesses similar instincts to Twilight but does not have the same level of intellect. However, she makes up for it by boasting insurmountable strength, which seemed far surpasses the average person and even Twilight.

Why is Yor Forger important in Spy x Family?

Who Is Yor Forger In Spy x Family?
Image Credit: Tatsuya Endo

She is the third addition to the Forger family after Loid and Anya. She also ends up as part of the mission that the Academy Twilight needed to infiltrate required a full family to make a better impression. So through a twist of fate and Anya’s ingenuity, she marries Loid and becomes a member of the Forger family.

Of all three, Yor is the only one with no idea of the mission. Twilight is tasked with the mission, and Anya has read his mind. But for Yor, Loid is simply a single father trying to do his best for his daughter. So for her, this marriage is simply a way to continue her assassin work without arousing any suspicions.

So you can say she’s the least integral to the plot since she has nothing to do with the mission. However, her relationship with the Loid and Anya is what makes her extremely important to the story. Loid genuinely admires her and does care for her at some level, while Anya does not hesitate to see her as her mother. So we’re sure that the beautiful and terrifying Thorn Princess will continue to grow as a character in the anime and be a catalyst for the other two.

That’s all we have for today. If you’re interested in the show, you can stream it online on Netflix. Or you can also check out our guide on the latest episode right here.

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