Who Is Marvel’s Moon Knight? What Are His Powers?

Marvel's Batman? Probably. Probably not.

Who Is The Moon Knight & What Are His Powers
Image: Marvel Comics

Marvel dropped the Moon Knight trailer on Monday, featuring Oscar Isaac as Marvel’s white knight. While the series makes its debut on March 30th, 2022, fans are already wondering how the series will adapt Marvel’s vigilante from its comic book origins. For the recent Marvel fans unaware of the Moon Knight and his powers, his origins, this article will help you prepare for Marvel’s upcoming series on Moon Knight.

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Interestingly, many DC and Marvel fans have found Moon Knight similar to DC’s billionaire vigilante Batman. While the two characters from Marvel and DC are somewhat relatable, both Batman and Moon Knight are still very different from each other. One prime example is Batman’s “No Killing Rule.” While the Dark Knight doesn’t engage in killing enemies, Marvel’s psychotic vigilante Moon Knight doesn’t shy away from killing his enemies and street thugs either.

Marvel’s Moon Knight Explained

Moon Knight marvel
Image: Marvel Comics

The upcoming superhero TV series on Disney+ from Marvel features Moon Knight, Marvel’s deranged superhero. Marvel’s hero made its Marvel comic debut in 1975; the comic describes “Marc Spector,” Moon Knight’s alter ego, as a mercenary. During his mercenary days in Sudan, Spector’s clash with Raoul Bushman (one of the oldest enemies of the Knight) leaves him nearly dying. That’s when the mercenary is revived by the old Egyptian Moon God ‘Khonshu.’

Further in the story, it is revealed that the Moon God Khonshu wants Spector to be his knight. In doing so, redeeming himself from all his life as a mercenary and using Khonshu’s powers to protect the weak during the night. Upon his return to the US, Spector embraces the powers given to him by Khonshu and becomes the Moon Knight. The Knight is also Khonshu’s first and high priest.

Marc Spector’s Dissociative identity disorder

Along with the Egyptian God’s powers, Spector also has dissociative identity disorder, i.e., having multiple personalities. Spector’s multiple personalities are also employed to help the superhero fight crime by gaining information and acting as the Moon Knight’s informants. Spector’s multiple personalities include Steven Grant, Jake Lockley, and Mr. Knight.

Moon Knight’s powers

Marc Spector is a heavily trained athlete; the character is also a skilled strategist and pilot. Previously a U.S. marine, Spector is also an expert in hand-to-hand combat. While the comics portray Spector using body armor as the Knight, the trailer for Marvel’s upcoming TV series reveals a body armor that seems to be coming out of nowhere.

Along with being an expert in hand-to-hand combat, Marvel’s vigilante is also an expert detective. While the Moon Knight doesn’t have any superpowers of his own, becoming Khonshu’s high priest changes Spector’s brain. He is somewhat immune to any telepathic, psychic, or telekinetic attack.

Moreover, Spector has increased physical strength during the full moon and new moon as his brain is connected to Khonshu. Along with this, Khonshu also imparts his information to Spector, given to him in the form of visions or enhanced sight. Spector also seems to have been given immortality by Khonshu, the deity, who has resurrected him on several occasions in the comic book series.

As for Marvel’s TV show, the show seems to portray things differently than the comics. For instance, one of Moon Knight’s villains, Arthur Harrow, is portrayed differently during the series trailer. In the comics, Arthur Harrow is a talented scientist and a surgeon. Harrow is described with red hair and a full beard and a half-paralyzed face.

arthur harrow marvel
Image: Marvel Comics

Interestingly, the character seems very different in the TV series first trailer. Meanwhile, it’s too soon to say how the TV series will adapt the character and if and what changes they would make to fit it into the story when it streams on Disney+.

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