Who Is Meta’s Next COO Javier Olivan?

You'd be surprised to know about his contributions!

Who Is Meta's Next COO? Javier Olivan
Image Credit: Facebook

After stepping down from her post as the chief operating officer of Meta, Sheryl Sandberg left a great legacy behind her. However, it turns out the social media company has an Ace up its sleeve. Javier Olivan is going to carry the mantle of Meta’s new COO.

Mark Zuckerberg has knowingly called Javier “one of the most influential people in Facebook history“. However, there’s a slight chance you might have never heard of him. Javier has kept a low profile in the last 14 years as Facebook’s growth czar.

Who is Javier Olivan?

Who Is Meta's Next COO? Javier Olivan
Image Credit: Javier Olivan/Linkedin

Javier has been responsible for growing Facebook’s user base outside of the U.S. in its earlier days. He has since expanded his domain by handling Meta’s ads products, core infrastructure, marketing, analytics, corporate development, and trust & safety efforts.

Javier is now all set to bag the role of Meta later this year and when he does he’ll also inherit Sandberg’s thousands of salespeople and a covert crisis management team called Strategic Response. However, according to a story from The Verge, Javier is not planning to follow in the footsteps of Sandberg entirely.

Sandberg’s role at Meta (earlier Facebook) was a lot more than just operations. She was basically the public voice of the company for a key period of its history. Although, according to Zuckerberg, Javier will have a more traditional COO role that is “focused internally and operationally.”

Javier’s colleagues have described him as a low-ego, detail-oriented machine. He has been solely focused on his work and avoided media appearances over the years. Javier originally belongs from a small town in Spain and got his graduate degree as an electrical and industrial engineer from the University of Navarra. He later moved to the U.S. in pursuit of his MBA from Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business.

Is Meta’s future bright with Javier?

After joining Facebook (now Meta), Javier became the architect of one of the most successful growth strategies in corporate history. He helped Facebook reach unimaginable heights in the period of a few years.

Along with playing a key role in Facebook’s marquee acquisition, he also championed the 2013 purchase of VPN APP Onavo. Although, the company later shuttered it for various reasons. The general public has mixed feelings about Meta’s future ambitions, however, the company is quite confident in its products and the leadership team they’ve built.

There are also sure that their apps are going to be the best place for advertisers and users in general. Olivan is taking the reins from Sandberg at a challenging time for Meta as the company’s stock is doing quite poorly. However, he has proven himself in the past and he will continue to do so; he’ll have plenty of responsibilities as Meta’s top business executive in the future.

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