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learn-to-code-perfect-programming-language-Short Bytes: Learning the programming is something that you can do at your own terms – either in the best universities of the world or even sitting on the couch and learning on your smartphone. In this article, I’ll be telling you the perfect programming language that you need to learn right now, depending upon your needs and ideas.

Steve Jobs once said: “I think everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer because it teaches you how to think.” If you are a regular reader of fossBytes, you might have learned that we are huge advocates of the learn to code movement as it offers you the countless opportunities to learn multiple skills.

We often receive questions from the people asking which language is perfect for them. In the past, we have tried to answer a similar question – which programming language you should learn first? Along the similar lines, in this article, I’ll be telling you the perfect programming language that you need to learn right now depending upon your needs and ideas.

There are countless resources on the web and fossBytes Store, that you can utilize and learn different skills. But, which language will fulfill your needs and boost your career. Depending upon what you wish to achieve by learning a language, I’m going to tell you about the capabilities of various programming languages.

So, let’s see which programming language is perfect for you:

Are you new to the world of coding?

If you are a newbie to the world of programming, you can start the languages like HTML and CSS. Note that HTML isn’t a programming language. Instead, it’s a markup language used to format documents and it’s called the ‘building block’ of websites. Similarly, CSS is for the client side of the website. It helps you to present the HTML and design aspect of webpages.

Having an ‘okay’ amount of HTML knowledge is helpful even if you don’t want to pursue programming as a career. It tells you how a website works and teaches you how to fix your own site or blog.

If you are new to coding and willing to learn the basics and how a computer works, learn C. You many not need C to develop cool web apps or business apps, but it lets you appreciate how much less work you need to do in a higher level language.

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Does the developer inside you want to make websites and web apps?

JavaScript is undoubtedly one of the top 5 languages that one needs to know within the next 10 years. JavaScript, along with HTML and CSS, runs the web and this isn’t going to change anytime soon.

It’s used to program the frontend and backend services on the web. It interacts with data and is a realistic language used to write code which runs in a web browser.

JavaScript makes you a better developer and it’s the perfect programming language for you if you wish to do remotely anything on the web.

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Do you want to learn the backend programming and earn big bucks?

For testing applications and learning backend programming, Python and Ruby are the best options. And if you check out our list of the programming languages for making big bugs, you’ll find Ruby sitting at the top. After the introduction of Rails framework in 2003, it has made building websites and web apps simpler.

Python is another language that is designed with the newcomer in mind. It is easy to learn and its community has a vast amount of free learning resources. If you want to learn new subjects like machine learning and artificial intelligence or make things using Raspberry Pi, Python is the language you should consider learning.

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Do you want to write apps for Android, iOS and Windows?

Android app development is one of the most popular and growing markets right now. For this open-source operating system, app development is mainly done in Java language. In the developing markets Android is grabbing a bigger market share, so Android app development is bound to earn you big bucks..

If you are interested in making an iOS app that can run on iPhone, iPad and iPod, Objective-C and Swift are the languages you should learn. Apple’s homegrown Swift is already a stable and strong development platform, which is getting popular at a very fast pace.

With Windows 10, Microsoft has introduced the concept of Universal Apps that allows you to develop cross-platform apps for multiple devices- ranging from Windows Phone, Windows 10 PCs, Xbox to Raspberry Pi and HoloLens. You can code one single app for all these devices using C#. Microsoft has even launched a free course to teach you how to code Windows 10 Universal Apps using C#, the perfect programming language for this job.

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Just go for it!

Learning the programming is something that you can do at your own terms- either in the best universities of the world, or even sitting on your couch on your smartphone. With such flexibility and an idea in mind, just start a basic programming language and learn till you’re comfortable with the bigger projects and more advanced languages.

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