Which Maruti Suzuki Automatic Petrol SUV To Buy In India?

Affordable yet comfortable and automatic.

Maruti Suzuki Best SUVs Brezza Or S- Cross
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When it comes to petrol cars, Maruti Suzuki is known for making the most efficient ones. Maruti Suzuki has a stellar record when it comes to hatchbacks but with the Brezza it has scored a big success in the SUV segment as well. But if you are in the market for a Brezza, should also consider the underrated but capable S-Cross crossover instead?

Nowadays, despite rising fuel prices, demand for affordable automatic cars has actually increased in metros and also in tier 2 cities. While WFH is still the norm, traffic and congestion have actually worsened hence car buyers are looking to have a more relaxed driving experience by resting their left leg.

Both Maruti Brezza and S-Cross are affordable, comfortable, and available with an automatic transmission as well.

So, let’s find out which Maruti SUV should buy in this comparison review.

Best Maruti Suzuki Petrol SUV: Brezza Vs S-Cross

Maruti Suzuki Brezza Vs S- Cross

Design And Looks

Both the S-Cross and the Brezza are aimed at different buyers as is evident from the styling. The S-Cross is more mature looking and has a typical crossover shape while the Brezza has the tough SUV stance.

We like the Brezza post the facelift it got last year as now it looks much more attractive. It stands taller and certainly will appeal more to traditional SUV lovers. That said, the S-Cross due to being seen less on our roads, might look more premium to buyers with its exclusivity.

It is no surprise that the S-Cross is longer than the Brezza at 4300mm vs 3995mm but the Brezza is actually wider at 1790mm vs 1785mm of the S-Cross. Both cars get cladding, roof rails, and more such necessary SUV design details while 16-inch alloys are standard in both.


Brezza Vs S- Cross Interior
Top: Maruti Suzuki Brezza, Bottom: Maruti Suzuki S-Cross

The Brezza is boxier inside too with a “square” like theme used every where including the dashboard and even the instrument cluster. The design comes across as basic but rugged and simple. The S-Cross feels more premium inside with a richer upholstery and a premium look to the switches and the centre console.

The design is more modern as well. We also like the silver accents on the vents and the center console. The infotainment system is also the same as the latest Maruti SmartPlay studio being offered. Both cars get a decent amount of equipment with cruise control, smartphone connectivity, and a rearview camera.

That said, both the Maruti cars do not offer features that are available on some of the other Indian SUVs at this price point like a sunroof or wireless charging.

In terms of space the S-Cross again makes more sense with having an easier egress and ingress along with more width plus legroom. The Brezza is not bad but does feel smaller than the S-Cross in terms of space. The S-Cross also has more boot space at 375 litres vs 328 in the Brezza.

Driving Experience

Maruti Brezza

Both the Maruti cars started as diesel only products while now both offer petrol engines only. The 1.5l petrol engine is shared by the two and it makes a decent 105 bhp and 138Nm. The application and actual driving experience is different though.

The Brezza being lighter feels quicker and is also more engaging. Performance is slightly better here and it is more agile over the grown up S-Cross.

The S-Cross is more mild-mannered and has a restrained throttle response. That said the 4-speed automatic in both the Maruti cars are old-school torque converters and lack the immediate responsiveness that you get in CVTs or a DCT.

However, for city use, both are pleasant while the Brezza just feels a bit quicker. The S-Cross is more refined and rides better while the Brezza feels sportier. The Brezza has a stiffer ride but it also handles bad roads better being fairly capable off-road (mind you, both are front-wheel drive, we are talking mild off-road conditions).


Maruti Suzuki SUVs Petrol

You buy a Maruti for its efficiency and both the cars here do not disappoint in this regard. The official figure of the Bezza automatic is 18.7 km/l while the S-Cross claims to deliver 18.4 km/l.

These are excellent figures and more than other SUVs which we think is due to the fuel-saving technologies which the cars get.

In the real world, the Brezza does slightly better with 12kmpl plus expected while the S-Cross is slightly lower. The automatic variants will drink more if driven hard hence mild throttle inputs are needed.

Verdict: Which Is The Best Maruti Suzuki SUV?

Prices for the Brezza start at Rs 7.5 lakh while the top-spec version is priced at Rs 11.4 lakh. The S-Cross is slightly more expensive at Rs 8.3 lakh starting while the top-end version is Rs 12.3 lakh.

There are many similarities with both cars but it is clear that the Brezza is for those who want a fun-to-drive subcompact SUV with looks and performance as the bigger priorities.

The S-Cross is for those who seek a more practical car with more space along with being the more premium choice here.

Somnath Chatterjee

Somnath Chatterjee

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