Where Can You Watch “Odd Taxi: In The Woods” Anime Movie Online?

One of 2021's best anime is heading for the big screen.

Where Can You Watch “Odd Taxi: In The Woods” Anime Movie Online?
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“Odd Taxi: In The Woods” is a new anime film based on the popular 2021 anime “Odd Taxi.” The film will be a retelling of the same events in the anime, but it is expected that there will be differences from the actual anime.

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Moreover, the film will also portray events after the anime as well. So even if you have already seen the anime, the film is still worth watching regardless. Now let’s talk more about the film and its release in detail.

What is ‘Odd Taxi: In The Woods’ about?

Since this is a TV anime, they tend to have a compilation film of all the episodes. But this one is being described as a reconstruction of the story events of the anime. So we might be getting a different story compared to the anime.

The anime is about Odokawa, a taxi driver who meets various people through his job. Most of his customers are simple yet intriguing individuals who are more than meets the eye. And one of the causes our protagonist ends up being entangled in the disappearance of a young girl.

The original anime is undoubtedly one of the best anime releases of 2021. The show rose to stardom with its fantastic writing and lovable characters, and as such, we can’t wait to meet them again. Furthermore, the film will also have some extra scenes beyond the ending, so it’s a must-watch for fans.

Where to watch ‘Odd Taxi: In The Woods’ online?

Where Can You Watch “Odd Taxi: In The Woods” Anime Movie Online?
Image Credit: OLM

Now the film comes out in Japan on April 1, 2022. And unfortunately, it is only a theatrical release for now. Furthermore, we don’t have any news regarding global releases either, let alone a release on a streaming service. As such, we will have to wait for a while now to watch this movie online.

Now we do know that the original anime is available on Crunchyroll. So do keep an eye on it as we expect that’s where the film will eventually show up. Until then, maybe you can check out “Call of the night,” an upcoming anime based on the popular manga by Kotoyama.

That’s all for this article. Have you seen the original anime? What do you think the new scenes will be about? Let us know your thoughts and expectations in the comments below.

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