WhatsApp Web for PC Now Supports Firefox and Opera


Last month WhatsApp launched its much talked about WhatsApp Web client so that you can use WhatsApp on your PC and skip the pain of frenzied typing on your small smartphone keyboard. Till now it was only compatible with Google Chrome and other web browser users were left out. Today, WhatsApp has announced that the WhatsApp Web now works on Opera and Firefox too.

The process to access WhatsApp Web client on Opera and Firefox is same as with Chrome the way we mentioned when this product was launched. You need to launch the Web client on your Firefox or Opera browser and then scan the OQ code displayed with the help of your phone. Now you will be logged into the WhatsApp Web.

After scanning the OR code, you will be taken to a new screen prompting you to select your browser. Now choose the preferred web browser and use the web client. Your mobile phone needs to remain connected to the internet while using the instant messaging app on your desktop.

This WhatsApp Web client works only with Android, Blackberry and Microsoft’s Windows Phone. This means that iOS users are once again left out. WhatsApp broke the news in a brief tweet:

WhatsApp is the largest and most popular instant messaging application and it was acquired by the largest social networking site Facebook last year. To continue its dominance, WhatsApp is doing everything possible and adding new features.

Recently it was reported that the company is testing a new voice-calling feature in select regions. You can read our post to know more about soon to be launched feature and how to get the WhatsApp voice calling feature on your phone before anybody else without any invite.

 Did you try WhatsApp Web on Chrome earlier? Try it out now on Opera and Firefox.
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Adarsh Verma

Adarsh Verma

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