WhatsApp Web for Desktop Finally Comes to iPhone Users


whatsapp-Short Bytes: WhatsApp Web has finally been updated to support iPhone. This feature is being rolled out slowly and some users might see the WhatsApp Web option in their WhatsApp iOS apps.

Facebook acquired WhatsApp last year for a whopping sum of $19 billion and has brought changes like voice calling and dedicated WhatsApp web client to this popular messaging app. Now, the WhatsApp Web client has been updated to support iPhone. Earlier, WhatsApp Web arrived on Android, Windows Phone, Nokia S60 and BlackBerry devices.

With WhatsApp Web for iPhone, you can sync your WhatsApp messages between all your devices including iPhone, laptop, and desktop. Users find it easier to text their friends and family right from their computers- thus avoiding the need to check their phones each time a message comes.

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps and it claimed to hit a userbase of 800 monthly users in April, but it has failed to launch new features as compared to its competitors. Apple’s “platform limitations” are being cited as the reason why it took so long for WhatsApp Web to arrive on iPhone.

All the conversations you have on your iPone is mirrored on your laptop via WhatsApp Web for iOS. But, to access WhatsApp Web on your PC, your iPhone must remain connected to the internet. So, if your iPhone gets disconnected from the internet, your WhatsApp Web for iPhone on your laptop too will go down.

How to check if you have access to WhatsApp Web for iPhone?

To check if you have access to WhatsApp Web for iPhone, you need to open WhatsApp on your iPhone and go to Settings. If you spot WhatsApp Web option in the Settings, this means you can use WhatsApp Web on your laptop. Now open WhatsApp Web client and connect your iPhone to use the feature.

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