WhatsApp Voice Calling and Video Calling for Windows Phone and iOS? Get the Answers!



WhatsApp voice calling feature has been rolled out in its full glory for Android users, but Windows Phone users are yet to get a taste of this feature on their devices. Android users have been always ahead of the Widows Phone users when it comes to app updates and releases, and this is no exception. Last week, it was revealed via a support forum email that WhatsApp voice calling will be arriving soon for Windows Phone devices. The Press and Update has reported that WhatsApp voice calling feature will be made available for Windows Phone users after it is released for iOS users.

A couple of weeks ago, WhatsApp voice calling feature has been integrated fully followed by yesterday’s material design update for the instant messaging app. Earlier, this feature was only available via an invitation. Now, it’s the turn of Microsoft’s homegrown Windows Phone.

TFJ writes that it is possible that instead of the invitation method, WhatsApp voice calling would be rolled out in a single phase as the Windows Phone user base is small and thus manageable.

WhatsApp is yet to confirm the arrival date of WhatsApp on Windows Phone and iOS. According to the media rumors, WhatsApp voice calling feature will be arriving on Windows Phone next month.

Updated WhatsApp Android app with voice calling and material design

Apart from WhatsApp voice calling, there is another rumor that after the launch of the voice calling feature, WhatsApp video calling will be arriving soon. Just like the voice calling feature, WhatsApp video calling will also be free for the users.

WhatsApp voice calling has already been released for Android. You can download it from Google Play Store and enjoy free voice calling with a stable and good data plan. It should be noted that Facebook has started to turn the wheels in the direction of Facebook and WhatsApp integration. WhatsApp is world’s popular instant messaging service and Facebook is trying its best to make it more productive.

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