WhatsApp’s Upcoming Feature Will Let You Transfer Chats From iOS To Android

You'll finally be able to switch to and from an iPhone without losing your chats.

transfer whatsapp chats
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One of the issues that everyone faces while switching between Android and iOS is the loss of WhatsApp chats. If you’re moving away from an iPhone to get an Android or vice-versa, you can’t transfer your WhatsApp chat backup. It’s been a pain in the neck for as long as anyone can remember. Although, that will soon be possible.

Meanwhile, there are paid ways to transfer chats, but they all lack something. As revealed by 9to5Google, Google pushed an update to its app called the “Data Restore Tool,” a built-in app used by Android’s Setup Wizard to copy apps and files from one phone to another, even an iPhone. Likewise, with its recent listing on the Play Store, the app’s source code reveals WhatsApp chat transfer features.

Transfer WhatsApp chats from iOS to Android

That said, there’s a solid chance that these features might not come to the app, but with the recent leaks, it’s quite possible. As per 9to5Google, the process of transferring WhatsApp chats from iOS to Android requires the user to scan a QR code on the iPhone, which directly launches WhatsApp’s upcoming migration settings. Hence, this is another confirmation that WhatsApp is preparing a chat migration feature.

The source code revealed various lines that directly confirm the existence of the chat transfer feature.

As spotted by WABetaInfo, the chat transfer features are definitely under development. Hence, we shouldn’t have to wait for a long time to see it actually happening.

Once WhatsApp rolls out the chat migration feature, only then we’ll be able to see it in the Data Transfer Tool. WhatsApp’s own initiative, paired with Google’s integration of the feature into its Data Transfer Tool, would make it quite convenient for most users as people often change their phones. Undoubtedly, this was the most requested feature from WhatsApp.

Did you ever encounter the issue of not being able to transfer chats? Let us know in the comments below.

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