WhatsApp For iOS Will Show Status Updates In Chats

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WhatsApp may soon launch a new feature that allows you to view status updates in chats. This addition will make it easy to spot the WhatsApp status update of contacts without diving deep into the profile. The feature is in the beta phase and may roll out to iOS and Android devices later this year.

The only option, for now, is to swipe right to the status tab. Here, all the new status updates by all the contacts are listed.

WhatsApp status in chats

WhatsApp For iOS Will Show Status Updates In Chats
Image: WABetaInfo

The new WhatsApp feature will allow you to directly view the status of a contact. As reported by WABetaInfo, the image showcases how the user can view a status update. The profile icon showcases that there are new status updates by a contact. It is discernible by the green rings around the profile picture.

So, if a user taps on the profile picture, they can directly view the status updates. Once released, this feature will make it easier to see a status update without going to the Status tab.

More features

Along with the option to view status updates directly, WhatsApp Status Update will also launch a quick reaction feature. Users will be able to respond to status updates with quick emojis to express their feelings about the new update.

There will be only eight emojis to pick from which may be a bummer for the emoji aficionados. WABetaInfo noticed both of these updates in the new beta version for Desktop. The publication assures that although they spotted the feature on the beta version for Desktop, it will roll out to Android and iOS too.

WhatsApp is also working on a Multi-Phone linking feature that would allow users to run WhatsApp on other mobile devices. It will be similar to the WhatsApp for Web desktop feature.

The company also announced a multitude of new features making their way to the app. WhatsApp communities could soon be a thing that would make managing multiple groups easier. What do you think of the new WhatsApp Status Update feature? Will it make your WhatsApp experience better? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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