WhatsApp Is Testing Camera Modes On Android: What’s Next?

Maybe ultrawide and telephoto lenses switching is next.

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WhatsApp’s new beta version,, is available now. Users who have participated in the Beta program get to try out new features and improvements made to the app. Not all features released in Beta make the final cut. WABetaInfo tried out the new Beta and noticed a minor change in the camera interface in the app.

This minor change in UI could be helpful to users who are confused by the camera interface inside WhatsApp. With a single tap, you can easily switch between photo and video modes.

WhatsApp’s small but useful tweak to the camera interface

If you want to capture a photo using the current version of WhatsApp, there are two options. Either you can tap the clip icon and then access the phone camera, or you can tap on the camera icon next to the clip icon for direct access. But as soon you enter the camera interface, it feels a lot different than your default camera app.

Currently, you have to tap on the capture button to take a photo. To capture a video, you need to hold the same button and release it when the video capture is complete. However, the new screenshot shared by WABetaInfo shows that a new ribbon bar is added at the bottom and contains two buttons to select photo or video mode.

Image: WABetaInfo

So, you will be able to switch between the two modes and not have to use a single button for both actions. However, there is still a lot missing as far as the camera interface is concerned. It can only access the primary camera and not the other lenses available on a smartphone. We hope that there is an option to switch between telephoto and ultrawide in the pipeline fur future builds.

One more issue is that you have to capture a video using WhatsApp in one go. You cannot pause and resume a video capture and have to get it all in one single shot. However, this seems a little far-fetched because WhatsApp primarily focuses on being a messaging app rather than a camera-centric one.

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