Here’s How WhatsApp Plans To Let You Save Disappearing Messages

It would be easy to refer to old chats!

WhatsApp kept messages beta
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Disappearing messages can be a nuisance if the other party wants to recheck the messages. So, WhatsApp plans to add a new feature called Kept Messages. The feature will let other users in the chat keep the messages for some time.

WhatsApp chat inbox gets flooded super fast. Even if it is a small conversation, the number of messages stacks up pretty quickly. WhatsApp intervened and brought the disappearing messages to feature to solve this issue. But the developers overlooked the fact that what if someone sent an important text that you have to refer to multiple times. But that’s about to change.

WhatsApp disappearing messages can be saved?

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WABetaInfo was the first to spot this feature in a beta version of WhatsApp. The screenshot shows an option to Keep messages. The info statement in the app shows that anyone in the group can keep or unkeep messages. It also states that Group Admins can limit how the kept messages feature is implemented in their groups.

The looming question is, where will the messages be kept? Will they be displayed in the chats or in a separate archive-type section? Moreover, will they be accessible to all the chat participants or only those who chose to keep the messages? WhatsApp is yet to shed more light on these aspects, but the WABetaInfo posts do suggest that it will solve the problems created by disappearing messages.

The image points out that there are several methods to save messages in the group. For instance, someone could take a screenshot for future reference or copy the text and save it. The same goes for media sharing. Users can download and create copies to use for future reference.

At this point, the option to keep messages seems a good option to preserve group messages which would otherwise get deleted. Meanwhile, WhatsApp rolled out a new filter feature to search the chat history. It will allow you to filter out read and unread messages and check out the ones you have missed. WhatsApp may soon push the keep messages feature in the beta phase for the users to test it out.

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