WhatsApp Is Working On A Multi-Phone Linking Feature

You'll be able to use WhatsApp on multiple phones!

WhatsApp Is Working On A Multi-Phone Linking Feature
Image: WaBetaInfo

WhatsApp is reportedly working on a feature that would let you link your secondary phone/tablet to your WhatsApp account. This would be a game-changer for users who need to transition between devices while communicating on WhatsApp.

The Multi-Phone linking feature is in the developmental stage as of now. However, we can expect it to roll out in the near future, seeing how WhatsApp is making strides in multi-device linking.

What is Multi-Phone linking feature?

WABetaInfo spotted this feature in the beta preview of WhatsApp on 28 April 2022. They discovered that a “Link New Mobile Device” feature was added along with other minor updates in the beta build. The Link New Mobile Device feature allows users to add additional devices to their WhatsApp accounts.

In the screenshots shared by WABetaInfo, it is clear that the feature would work to link tablets and smartphones using QR codes. The users need to scan the QR code on the device which they want to link to WhatsApp. After that, the feature will let them access all the conversations without using the primary device.

Multi-Phone Link
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How is it useful?

WhatsApp already has a fully functional web/desktop version of WhatsApp that works flawlessly. Earlier, it required the original phone to have an active internet connection to use WhatsApp on desktop. Multi-device linking also solves this issue.

You can primarily install WhatsApp on a single device only. It uses a phone number as a primary identifier and cannot be used on two phones or tablets simultaneously. But with the Multi-Phone linking feature, it will now be possible to use WhatsApp on two or more phones.

The Multi-Phone Link feature will also eliminate the need to have a sim card in order to use your WhatsApp account on another phone or tablet. It is a practice that WhatsApp has used since its inception, but it changes now.

The feature is present in a beta build, so the chance of it releasing for all users is pretty high in the coming months. WhatsApp also launched the communities feature a few days back. So, what do you think of the Multi-Phone link feature? Do you need it or are you satisfied with the web version? Share your opinions in the comments section.

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