Head Of WhatsApp Is On Board With Releasing An iPad App

They would (finally) love to do it.

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Many iPad owners have been requesting a native WhatsApp version for the iPad for a long time now. The wait might end soon as WhatsApp head Will Cathcart confirmed that the Meta-owned messenger is considering an iPad app. Likewise, the company is finally answering its users’ prayers.

In an interview with The Verge, Cathcart said that people have been asking for the app for a long time, and WhatsApp would “love to do it” too. Although, he did not comment on when it will happen.

Among all the features that users wanted to see in WhatsApp, having native iPad support would be the most significant. Over the past decade, many leakers spotted evidence of an iPad app of WhatsApp, but nothing good came out. While Cathcart missed details regarding the app’s launch, he clarified that the company already has it in the works.

“We did a lot of work on the technology for supporting multiple devices,” Cathcart said. “Our web and our desktop apps now have that. If I have multi-device on, I can turn my phone off or lose my network connection and still get messages on my desktop. That would be really important for a tablet app, to be able to use the app even if your phone isn’t on.”

WhatsApp recently released the multi-device beta for all users. The feature allows them to use WhatsApp on their PCs without staying connected to their phones. The iPad app could be a part of the multi-device feature, acting as a secondary device instead of running natively.

It looks like WhatsApp is finally honoring the users’ wishes and working on the features that matter. Reportedly, the company has been working on migrating chats from Android to iOS, which is another long-awaited feature.

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