WhatsApp iOS Bug Allows Anyone To Bypass Touch ID/Face ID


WhatsApp recently introduced the ability for iOS users to access the app via Touch ID or Face ID for added security. Now, it seems like the new feature is not as secure after all, as hinted by a Reddit user.

According to the Reddit user, iPhone users can launch WhatsApp without verification through Touch ID or Face ID — from the iOS share sheet.

Users need to select WhatsApp while sharing media from the share sheet, and while users are taken to the WhatsApp app, the Touch ID or Face ID options do not pop up.

Following this, users can head to the iOS home screen and access WhatsApp again (users can repeat the process if Touch ID or Face ID verification is required after exiting the share sheet), and access is granted without any fingerprint scanning or facial recognition.

One thing worth noting is that the access without Touch or Face ID is possible if the user has set the time limit (to enable Touch ID or Face ID for authentication) of either “after one minute”, “after 15 minutes”, or “after one hour”.

Additionally, if iOS users have set “immediately” as the time limit, the biometric authentication for WhatsApp is safe.

Furthermore, as reported by Reuters, WhatsApp has admitted the issue and is expected to fix it as soon as possible.

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Vanshika Malhotra

Vanshika Malhotra

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