WhatsApp Might Soon Let You Send Files As Big As 2GB

The feature is being tested in Argentina.


WhatsApp for iOS could reportedly let you share media files as large as 2GB in the coming days. Currently, the platform only lets you send attachments of up to 100MB. While this is long overdue, the WhatsApp media file size update is still in the testing phase.

WhatsApp is currently testing the 2GB file sharing limit for iOS users in Argentina. Its rival Telegram already lets users share media as big as 2GB. However, we can’t surely say if WhatsApp will publicly roll out this feature or quietly roll it back.

WhatsApp for iOS file sharing limit being extended

WhatsApp for iOS file sharing limit
Image: WaBetaInfo

WaBetaInfo reported the development but isn’t sure if WhatsApp will even roll it out for global beta testing. Expanding the WhatsApp file sharing limit could also mean you could share raw photos and uncompressed videos over the instant messaging app. It also seems to be the right thing since 100MB is a low limit by 2022 standards.

While the feature is being tested with iOS beta testers in Argentina, WaBetaInfo claims that some Android beta testers also got their hands on it. Again, this makes more sense since WhatsApp is available on both Android and iOS, so both should be able to send and receive media.

Anyway, this adds to the various WhatsApp Beta features that include reactions to messages and multi-device support. The platform also launched a browser extension to keep WhatsApp web secure. WhatsApp is also on board making an iPad app now, so the bigger file sharing limit could help there too. It remains to be seen if WhatsApp rolls out the 2GB media sharing limit or scratches it off.

Manik Berry

Manik Berry

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