What’s Coming To Netflix Third Week In August 2022: Aug 15 – Aug 21?

Not one but two video game adaptations are coming to Netflix this week.

What’s Coming To Netflix Third Week In August 2022: Aug 15 – Aug 21?
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Netflix has blown it out of the park this month with some truly stellar content, and we’re hoping there is more to come in the third week of August 2022. Last week we saw the highly anticipated “Day Shift” starring Jamie Foxx and the new season of “DOTA: Dragon’s Blood.” So what’s in store for this week? Let’s find out.

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This list will have all the new releases coming to Netflix in the third week of August 2022.  We will cover all new TV shows and movies coming to the platform from August 15, 2022, to August 21, 2022. But before that, let’s first review some of this week’s highlights.

Tekken: Bloodline (Thursday)

“Tekken: Bloodline” is the highly anticipated anime adaptation of the massively popular fighting game franchise “Tekken.” It looks like the show will cover Tekken 3, which is a great choice since that was the game that started this franchise. Moreover, the use of effects and moves taken straight from the game will be a joy to watch.

The Cuphead Show!: Part 2 (Friday)

From one video game adaptation to another, we’re also getting season 2 of “The Cuphead Show!” this week. The brilliantly animated series is based on the indie game “Cuphead,” which has the same old cartoon art style. Expect more of Cuphead and Mugman getting into a hilarious situations with Ms. Chalice joining them as well.

Everything heading to Netflix on the August 3rd week

Image Credit: Netflix

August 15 (Monday)

  • Ancient Aliens: Season 4
  • Deepa & Anoop – NETFLIX FAMILY
  • Learn to Swim

August 16 (Tuesday)

  • UNTOLD: The Girlfriend Who Didn’t Exist (2 Parts)

August 17 (Wednesday)

  • High Heat – NETFLIX SERIES
  • Junior Baking Show: Season 6 – NETFLIX SERIES
  • Look Both Ways – NETFLIX FILM
  • Royalteen – NETFLIX FILM
  • Unsuspicious – NETFLIX SERIES

August 18 (Thursday)

  • He-Man and the Masters of the Universe: Season 3 – NETFLIX FAMILY
  • Inside the Mind of a Cat – NETFLIX DOCUMENTARY
  • Tekken: Bloodline – NETFLIX ANIME

August 19 (Friday)

  • The Cuphead Show!: Part 2 – NETFLIX FAMILY
  • The Girl in the Mirror (Alma) – NETFLIX SERIES
  • Glow Up: Season 4 – NETFLIX SERIES
  • The Next 365 Days – NETFLIX FILM

August 20 (Saturday)

  • Fullmetal Alchemist The Revenge of Scar – NETFLIX FILM

August 21 (Sunday)

  • A Cowgirl’s Song

And there you have it. We hope you now understand all that’s coming your way, courtesy of Netflix in week three of August 2022. We will also discuss new titles heading to Hulu and streaming platforms weekly. And while you’re here, check out what came on the platform last week too.

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