What’s Coming To Netflix Second Week In September 2022: Sep 5 – Sep 11?

A fan favorite series is returning this week with a new season.

What’s Coming To Netflix Second Week In September 2022: Sep 5 – Sep 11?
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Ever since the spectacular season 4 of Stranger Things, Netflix has been trying to reach that level of hype again, which it looks like it might do in the second week of September 2022. Although it did have some fun releases in the first week with new episodes of Jojo and the K-drama “Little Women,” this week is the one with some really hype content.

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So, let’s go over all the new tv shows and movies coming to Netflix in the Second week of September 2022. This list will cover all the releases coming to the streaming giant from September 05, 2022, to September 11, 2022. But before that, let’s go over the highlights of this week first.

Cobra Kai: Season 5 (Friday)

This might be the biggest release of not only this week, but the month of September 2022 for a while. “Cobra Kai” is a sequel series to the popular “Karate Kid” movies and is one of the top shows on Netflix. Fans cannot have enough of this series, and we’re really excited for this new season.

End of the Road (Friday)

“End of the Road” is an intense new thriller starring Queen Latifah along with Chris Bridges. She plays a widow who decides to relocate with her brother and two kids to start a new life. But when they witness a murder, the family is forced to fight back against a murderer that will stop at nothing to take back what is his.

Everything heading to Netflix on the September 2nd week

Image Credit: Netflix

September 5 (Monday)

  • Call the Midwife: Series 11
  • Cocomelon: Season 6
  • Once Upon a Small Town

September 6 (Tuesday)

  • Bee and PuppyCat
  • Get Smart With Money
  • Rodrigo Marques: King of Uncouth
  • Sheng Wang: Sweet and Juicy
  • Untold: The Race of the Century

September 7 (Wednesday)

  • Chef’s Table: Pizza
  • Indian Predator: The Diary of a Serial Killer

September 8 (Thursday)

  • Entrapped
  • Diorama

September 9 (Friday)

  • Cobra Kai: Season 5
  • End of the Road
  • Merlí. Sapere Aude: Season 2
  • No Limit
  • Narco-Saints

And that’s all we have for you today. We hope you now have a better understanding of what to expect from Netflix in week two of September 2022. We will also go over new releases heading to Hulu and other streaming platforms every week. And while you’re at it, check out what came to Netflix last week.

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