What is Tesla’s FSD? How to get one month of FSD for free?

Tesla Autopilot
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We’ve all imagined a future where cars could drive themselves, allowing us to sit back and enjoy the ride. While this vision is still a few years away, Tesla has been at the forefront of advancing this technology. Now, with the news of the company offering all US users a free one-month trial of the Full Self-Driving (FSD) technology, you might wonder where this technology stands today. Let’s find out.

How does Tesla’s FSD work?

In simple terms, Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) utilizes eight cameras and twelve ultrasonic sensors within its vehicles to collect real-time information. The onboard computer then processes this data, enabling the vehicle to make precise decisions regarding speed, lane changes, parking, and even autonomous driving.

Before the FSD Beta v12 update, Tesla’s systems relied on code for actions, requiring programmers to write code for various scenarios. This approach was necessary because there was not sufficient data to train AI models and deploying incomplete models could have posed risks.

However, with the FSD Beta v12 update, Tesla is transitioning to an end-to-end neural network trained on a dataset of video clips gathered from millions of Tesla car owners. This shift aims to enhance Tesla’s Advanced Driver Assist System (ADAS) and move FSD towards more human-like driving behavior and responsiveness.

Furthermore, it’s important to note that despite its features, Tesla’s FSD remains a “Level 2” automation, requiring users to remain in control of the vehicle’s operations while the system is active.

Capabilities of Tesla’s FSD

Although we cannot account for all the features Tesla’s FSD offers, some of the notable ones include lane change, which automatically changes lanes based on user preference; auto park, which assists users in parking, even in tight spots; and Summon, which allows users to bring the car to them.

Additionally, with the new Beta v12 update, vehicles can execute U-turns as needed, and Automatic Set Speed Offset enables Autopilot to adjust driving speed based on various factors.

How to get Tesla’s FSD right now?

Tesla FSD
Image: YouTube/FortNine

The $12,000 price tag has always been a significant barrier, considering users already pay a lot for Tesla vehicles. Although the company introduced a subscription model priced at $199 per month, adoption was limited.

With the new Beta v12 update, Elon Musk has announced that all eligible vehicles will receive Tesla’s FSD free for a month, starting this week in the USA. Furthermore, this offer applies to new cars, and dealers must provide users with a test drive showcasing all FSD features.

However, there are concerns regarding the compatibility of the new FSD system. Despite Tesla’s claim that all vehicles manufactured after October 2016 possess the necessary hardware, this is not the case. Many vehicles from this period require specific hardware upgrades, excluding many users from accessing the program.

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