What is Tesla Sentry Mode And How Is It Catching Criminals?

Vandals beware of Sentry Mode!

What is Tesla Sentry Mode And How Is It Catching Criminals?
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Tesla Sentry Mode is a lifesaver and recent incidents prove it. The feature recently spotted a vandal who was trying to disfigure cars in a parking lot. Tesla has a lot of cameras to anticipate nearby threats and records video of most incidents.

As per a report by Motor1, the Sentry Mode feature reported the incident as soon as it happened. Moreover, it helped the Tesla owner track down the vandal who was later captured by the cops.

What is Tesla Sentry Mode?

Tesla Sentry Mode is an anti-theft feature offered by the uber-popular EV brand. It keeps tabs on the surroundings of your Tesla while you are away. If the feature senses a threat, it alerts you on the phone while blaring the horn to scare the perpetrator.

Tesla Sentry Mode has three states; Standby, Alert, and Alarm. When you step out of the vehicle and enable the Sentry Mode, it remains in the standby state. It switches to an Active state when it senses any activity that isn’t permissible. If someone applies external force to damage the car, it switches to Alarm mode to play loud noises to attract attention.

Tesla Sentry Mode uses eight embedded cameras to scout the incoming threats. However, you need to attach a dashcam and an external USB drive to record the footage of the incident. It is judicious with the footage capturing and saves the recording of the incident.

How to enable Tesla Sentry Mode?

  • Go to the Car Settings and then tap on Controls.
  • Then navigate to Safety and Security section.
  • Toggle the Sentry Mode on.
  • You can also enable the Sentry mode using the companion app for your phone.

Note: You need to enable Sentry Mode every time you step out of the car.

Tesla Sentry Mode
Image: Pexels

More Details about the Incident

Wham Baam Teslacam published the video of the incident on their YouTube channel. The vandal came and keyed a Tesla car which alerted the owner. He came back and checked the dashcam footage which showed the vandal ruining his car’s exterior.

Surprisingly, the vandal came back for another car wearing a different attire and tried to key another vehicle parked beside his Tesla.

Sentry Mode footage came in handy after the police arrived. They captured the vandal after identifying him using the footage. Thus, it is a handy feature that needs to be in every car for safety purposes.

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