What Is Screen Mirroring?

View your display on two screens at a time.

What is screen mirroring
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Screen mirroring is the technology that lets you wirelessly show the contents of one display onto a different display. As the name suggests, Screen mirroring mirrors your display onto another screen, and that’s what differentiates it from streaming or online meetings.

You need a screen sending device and a receiving device for screen mirroring. Both the sending and receiving devices should be on the same protocol. Screen mirroring protocol allows you to transmit data from one display to another. Two of the most popular protocols that you may know are AirPlay for Apple devices and Google Cast for Android.

How does Screen Mirroring work?

Screen mirroring is wireless, so it requires two compatible devices to work. For instance, if you’re viewing photos on your iPhone and want to show them to everyone in the room, you can do it by sending the pictures to an AirPlay-compatible display.

Similarly, Windows and Android users also have similar protocols. These protocols make it convenient for you to use another screen as your display without any wires or dongles. However, you’ll need third-party screen mirroring software for cross-platform functionality.

How is mirroring different from streaming?

Mirroring is different from streaming. Streaming means playing media on a device from its storage, external storage, or the internet. Mirroring is more than media streaming as you can see whatever you’re doing on another display in real-time.

Streaming is also different from casting as your display is available in both places at the time. When you cast a display, you can only see it on display; it is being cast on. However, with streaming, you can see the content on both displays.

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