What is Polium One? A Weird-Looking Console For Web3 Games

First “NFT games console” announced.


Web3 is labeled as the ‘future of the internet and is the idea for a new ‘version’ of the World Wide Web. It incorporates technologies like NFTs, cryptocurrency, and more. However, the emergence of ‘Polium One’ has left tech users scratching their heads.

You may be wondering, ‘What is Polium One?’ to sum it up, Polium is a firm exploring opportunities in Web3, and its product ‘Polium One’ will tend to the ‘specific gaming requirements’ of Web3.

Polium One is an answer to a question no one asked

Polium has marketed Polium One as an up-and-coming console, the world’s first ‘multi-chain console for Web3 gaming.’ Using this device, users can play games across different ecosystems, like Solana, BNB, Harmony, EOS, Wax, ImmutableX, and Polygon.

The company claims that the console will be powerful enough to run games of high magnitude, and users without knowledge about Web3 can also use it. This will ‘solve a problem’ and increase awareness and acceptance of the future of the internet (Web3).

To add a competitive flair, there is also a leaderboard that combines all the compatible games. Players will move up the ranking on the leaderboard by winning trophies and games and voting on proposals. Polium hopes this will make gaming fun and keep the user engaged and entertained.


The company also released the specifications of the ‘Polium One.’ The console will include 4K Ultra HD and 8K HDR (it mentioned 4K and 8K gaming as separate features), 120 frames per second, TouchID, and Ray Tracing. It claimed to use Apple’s exclusive ‘TouchID’ technology to make cryptocurrency transactions secure, which seems impossible.

However, the website has now removed 8k gaming and TouchID references and only mentioned 4K UHD and a ‘scanner.’ On the other hand, the controller will incorporate haptic feedback, a touchpad, fingerprint scanner, headphone jack, and a ‘wallet’ button.

Why it didn’t sit well with the public

It’s safe to say the company was unable to impress the public. Polium received backlash for its logo being similar to ‘Nintendo’s GameCube Logo,’ after which the company announced it was working on a new ‘picture.’

Many tech enthusiasts expressed concerns over the console, and the reason was that there is no functional prototype of the console, but the company claims it will be ready in a ‘few months.’ Similarly, those who want to provide feedback can do so after ‘pre-ordering’ the console by buying Polium Pass-through ‘Play’ tokens or minting.

Buyers will also get an NFT and will be among the 10,000 people to get the console in Q3 of 2024. By 2025, one million units will be available for the public. Whether the company is a ‘rug pull’ or not, we will find out as time progresses.



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