What Is Microsoft Viva? How It Aims To Change The Way We Work?

Microsoft wants to change how we work and connect with employers.


It’s no doubt that team communication apps like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and others have made a fortune during the coronavirus pandemic. All because the world was forced to work from home the entire year and had no option but to use video calling and other internet-based tools to get the job done.

Now, Microsoft has gone one step ahead to come up with a new platform called Microsoft Viva, which will bring a significant change in how people work and connect with employers online.

So, What Is Microsoft Viva, Anyway?

Viva focuses on combining different aspects of a job environment that include collaborating with others, learning new things, keeping track of organization-wide changes, etc. It aims to bring all these things under one roof.

Microsoft has currently released four Viva modules, namely, Connections, Insights, Learning, and Topics.

As the name says, Viva Connections works as an app in Microsoft Teams and helps employees take advantage of company policies and benefits like employee resource groups.

The Viva Insights module is designed for the employee to keep track of their work. Moreover, it better “help individuals protect time for regular breaks, focused work, and learning, as well as strengthen relationships with their colleagues,” Microsoft says. Managers can also track the overall team improvement using the tool. What’s impressive is that it combines data from other platforms to give better insights on employee burnout, quiet hours, and more.

Next, the Viva Learning module, which is currently in preview, consolidates various learning resources into a single place. For instance, the module can pull content from Microsoft Learn, LinkedIn Learning, Coursera, etc., to provide a seamless experience.

The last available module is Viva Topics, which focuses on knowledge sharing across the company. For example, it throws knowledge cards inside apps like Microsoft 365 and Teams after analyzing a customer’s MS 365 data and services like Salesforce.

Microsoft notes that the current market built around employee communications, wellbeing, learning, and knowledge is roughly $300 billion. However, right now, it’s fragmented, and many of the tools that companies invest in go unnoticed. Let’s see what other tech giants have in store to compete with Microsoft Viva.

Aditya Tiwari

Aditya Tiwari

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