What Is Facebook Community Chats Feature? What Will It Do?

Mark Zuckerberg made a new announcement recently regarding the Community Chats feature. We earlier covered a story about how Meta was remodeling FB groups with features that resembled Discord. One such feature covered in the story was about creating and managing communities within FB Groups.

Now, Meta has announced that the feature is in the testing phase, and it will work with both FB Groups and Messenger. It isn’t uncommon for Meta to announce features that are common for FB and Messenger.

The Community Chats feature aims to make group conversations more personalized and related to shared interests. It will allow the admins to organize chats into categories with support for audio and video channels.

When will you see community chat feature in FB and Messenger?

If you’ve used Slack, you have a decent understanding of how organizing communication in different channels works. Rather than overloading a single chat section with all the information, you can create multiple channels and confine topics of discussion within these channels.

So, you can clearly declutter incoming conversations and not overburden a single channel. Community Chats will work exactly like that and can be created within FB Groups to divide topics of interest.

Image: Meta

Admins will be able to create multiple Community Chats, each of which is confined to a particular topic of interest. Moreover, admins can control the chat medium (text, video, audio) and can block users who indulge in profanity in the chats.

Community Chats will give admins granular control over posting and communication that takes place within these communities. So, moderation will become an easy task for group admins. Admins can invite or add members to the Community Chats and can kick out users too.

You may have to wait for some time before the feature is rolled out publicly. It sounds like a cool idea to discuss the topics of interest within Community Chats. Admins can start a conversation about a recent post without waiting for other participants to post comments and share their views.

There’s something cooking at the Metaverse end of things too. Zuckerberg recently shared a post wearing the upcoming VR headset from Meta informing about an upcoming Metaverse event set to be held in October. But considering how his avatar got all the flak, it remains to be seen how FB brings about quality improvements to the Metaverse while adding new features to the app and messenger.

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