What Is ALLM? Everything You Should Know

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What Is ALLM Everything Basic You Should Know About The Tech
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There are many gaming-related slang and terminologies to know; meanwhile, if you’re looking to buy a TV for your gaming setup, you need to know about Auto Low Latency Mode. This article will tell you the basic things you need to know about ALLM and Auto Low Latency Mode to help you get started.

ALLM or Auto Low Latency Mode is one of the many features that can enable your gaming experience altogether. Coupled with VRR, it helps elevates one’s gaming experience completely to the sense that there is no going back. That being said, let’s look at what ALLM is exactly.

ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode): A brief

ALLM or Auto Low Latency Mode enables a TV to switch to its gaming preset with the lowest latency possible when it detects a gaming console; that’s pretty simple, right? Well, there’s more. While ALLM switches to the best settings for a great gaming experience, it switches off motion processing to reduce latency. At the same time, many TVs out there already have this feature, even if you’re not aware, as opposed to VRR, which is still a thing in high-end gaming TVs.

While all modern TVs use post-processing to enhance picture quality and provide more crisp pictures, it takes time; we’re talking milliseconds. That being said, these milliseconds don’t affect much; however, when gaming is concerned, these milliseconds are what create lags, and we surely don’t want lag while playing our favorite title.

Is ALLM the same as a Game Mode?

While it’s easy to mix up the two, in a greater sense, ALLM is different than a Game mode on a TV. ALLM is a tech that activates the Game mode on a TV when it detects a gaming console. While Game modes have existed for quite some time, users would have to go into the TV’s settings to activate it, while ALLM or Auto Low Latency Mode simply does that for you. Also, once you’re done turning off your console, you don’t have to switch back any setting; ALLM manages that for you.

Meanwhile, if you’re wondering which consoles support ALLM, both Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox support ALLM; Lastly, we hope we were able to clear any doubt you might have regarding Auto Low Latency Mode.

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