What Is AirTag?

Bluetooth tracker selling like hot cakes.

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AirTag is a tracking device created by Apple. You can attach it to your belongings and use Apple’s Find My network to locate your items if you lose them. Apple AirTag was launched on 30 April 2021.

This Bluetooth tracker has an advantage over other Bluetooth trackers like Tile. It is so because the device uses Apple’s Find My Network, which means practically every Apple device around your AirTag is a location beacon. It also packs the Apple U1 chip, which means your iPhone can pinpoint your tag’s location when nearby.

How does AirTag work?

Apple AirTag emits a secure Bluetooth signal that can be read by nearby devices on the Find My network. These devices then transfer the signal to iCloud, making it visible in your Find My app. This entire process is encrypted, which means your device’s location remains private, despite every iPhone around it communicating with it.

If you lose a tagged item, you can put it into lost mode. Once you do this, you’ll be notified when it pops up on the Find My radar. There’s an option to set up contact information, so if a good Samaritan finds your AirTagged item, they can contact you by tapping their phone on the AirTag.

Since it uses Bluetooth communication, the U1 chip can precisely locate the device within 30 to 40 feet. It is powered by a standard CR2032 button cell, and one battery lasts about an entire year. Your iPhone will also notify you when it’s time to change your AirTag’s battery.

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Apple AirTag FAQs

What is the range of Apple AirTags?

Apple AirTags can be located on Bluetooth, and the Apple U1 chip is within a range of 30 to 40 feet.

What is the battery life on AirTags?

Apple AirTag has a battery life of roughly one year.

Which battery should I use with the Apple AirTag?

AirTag uses a CR2032 button cell.

Do I need to have an iPhone to use an AirTag?

You need an Apple device like an iPhone or an iPad to set up and use an AirTag.

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