What Happens When Your PC Is Hit With Petya/NotPetya? — Watch Here

petya malware

Short Bytes: Petya wiper is a dangerous malware that has disguised itself as a ransomware to get the attention of media. After infecting a computer and waiting for 10-60 minutes, Petya reboots a computer and starts encryption process. The whole process has been documented in the form of a video by YouTuber danooct1.

Ransomware is one of the most commonly searched terms these days when it comes to the cybersecurity-related searches. People are looking for help and trying to know more about this malware that’s making their lives hell. Thanks to a crop of outdated systems with pending security patches, WannaCry ransomware managed to make headlines. It was soon followed by another malware attack named Petya/NotPetya malware, which disguised itself as a ransomware.

We have covered WannaCry’s outbreak and further developments regularly, and we are doing the same in the case of Petya malware. Continuing the same, today I’m sharing a video (Via: Motherboard) recorded by YouTube malware historian danooct1.

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This video shows how Petya malware works and what happens to your PC when the attack takes place. It shows the working of malware that includes infection, encryption and reboot process, etc.

You can take a look at the video below and see how Petya ‘ransomware’ works and infects a computer:

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