What Does “TBH” Slang Mean on Social Media?

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People commonly use slang and acronyms in texting and online communication to save time and effort. One such abbreviation is TBH. Understanding these shortcuts can help you keep up with conversations and communicate more effectively. This article explores what TBH slang means on social media and provides examples of how it is used in everyday texting.

What is TBH?


“TBH” started as an internet acronym. As social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat became more popular, “TBH” became more common. It spread quickly as people looked for shorter ways to express themselves online.


“TBH” stands for “To Be Honest.” It’s a way to show that your words are sincere or truthful. People use it in social media conversations and posts to share honest opinions, feelings, or thoughts. 

How is it Used?

  • Compliments: People often use it to give honest compliments or opinions. Example: “TBH, I think you’re really talented.”
  • Confessions: People use these to share honest thoughts or feelings. Example: “TBH, I didn’t like the movie.”
  • Anonymous Comments: Some apps allow users to send anonymous TBH messages. Example: Receiving an anonymous TBH saying, “You’re a great friend.”
  • Starting Conversations: People use “TBH” to start conversations or engage with friends on social media. Example: Posting “TBH for a rate” to invite friends to comment and get an honest opinion.

Why People Use TBH?

  • Honesty: TBH encourages straightforward communication. Being honest can make conversations more meaningful and authentic.
  • Friendship: Using “TBH” helps strengthen relationships. Friends sharing their genuine thoughts and feelings builds trust and understanding. 
  • Engagement: It increases interaction and engagement on social media posts. This can lead to more comments, likes, and overall activity on a post, making social media interactions more lively and fun.


The trend of popular TBH challenges has become a significant way for users to give honest opinions about each other on social media. Despite its simplicity, “TBH” continues to be widely embraced by users of all ages across social media platforms. Its popularity reflects its role in promoting authenticity and engagement in online interactions.

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