“What Do Dragons Smell Like?” HOTD Premiere Leaves Twitter Fans Wondering

Wait. What!?

House of the Dragon
Image: HBO Max

House of the Dragon, the prequel series to Game of Thrones, has returned. Of course, it began with wide shots of a blonde riding her dragon. The creators promise a lot of dragon content in the future, but for now, consider the most pressing question.

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After riding her golden steed Syrax, how does Princess Rhaenyra smell? And how does a dragon smell? Do dragons have the same odour as other things you ride, such as horses? Because Syrax wears a saddle, the smells of leather and oil may mix with animal and fire scents. Perhaps the king and queen smelled the clouds. Are Targaryens better at detecting dragon scent?

What the hell does dragon smell like?

Despite all of the new fandom rabbit holes created by this new series, only one line has really stuck with us. A young Rhaenyra flies in on a dragon in the premiere before sitting by her mother’s bedside in the castle. It only takes Aemma a few minutes to tell her daughter to go take a bath, “You stink of dragon!” This burns down to the obvious and truly perplexing question: What does dragon smell like?

And fans couldn’t help but to shared their theories on twitter. See few funny theories below:

Several characters mention Rhaenyra smelling like a dragon, which is unusual. Because no one in Game of Thrones mentions it. Anyway, what do dragons smell like? Is there a distinct aroma to each one? Let us know in the comments down below. Wrong answers only.

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