Westworld Inspired ‘Mesmer’ Robot Looks Just Like Humans


The dawn of artificial intelligence is here, and we might soon be able to experience the Westworld fantasy, of which we all have imagined at least once.

A robot making company called Engineered Arts is definitely advancing towards such a future. It has created a lifelike robot that will freak you out with its humanoid looks and behavior.

The robot’s advanced AI can understand the body language, mood and age of people it interacts with to respond accordingly. It looks incredibly realistic the way it maintains eye contact while talking and move smoothly in a natural way.

Engineered Arts holds specialization in building robots and has created several robots for education, research and entertainment purposes. Recently, the company unveiled a jaw-dropping series of robots called “Mesmer” with incredibly detailed features right down to pores on the skin and individual hairs.

The model in the video is “Fred” that belongs to the Mesmer series. The company claims that all of these robots have been “skinned by the best in the TV and film business” to make them look more real. Fred can dance, give speeches and speak in multiple languages too.

The robot has very powerful, silent and high torque motors that closely mimics the head and body movements of humans. The parts used in a robot can face compatibility issues quite often because they belong to different manufacturers. So all the components used in the Mesmer series have been designed from scratch to ensure that they work seamlessly.

Each part of the robot’s body has been designed in a way that can be controlled independently and connected to the internet so it can be monitored, reprogrammed and maintained remotely from any location in the world.

Engineered Arts hasn’t put a price tag on the Mesmer series yet, but it offers the basic RoboThespian models from a starting price of $79,000. Although these robots are not as sophisticated as those in Westworld, it gives people a little taste of what awaits in the future.

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Manisha Priyadarshini

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