A Bug Is Selling Western Digital Hard Disks At $1 On The Official Website

Crazy price for WD hard disks.

WD Hard Disks at $1
Image: Toms Hardware

Western Digital, popularly known as WD, is one of the most popular data storage companies. The company makes hard drives, SSDs, USB flash drives, memory cards, etc. The price of WD hard drives starts at around $45 and goes up to a thousand dollars. But a bug on WD’s official website is selling hard disks at a price as low as $1.

Other hard disk models are listed for $3, $5, $10, and $27. The cheapest $1 listing is for the WD Purple Survelience model, with a usual price tag of $83.99. WD Gold Enterprise hard disks are listed for $3 (down from $177.99). The Blue PC mobile, which sells for $44.99, is listed for only five bucks. Similarly, Red Pro and Red Plus hard drives are listed for $10 and $27, down from their original $209.99 and $109.99 prices.

Some of the higher-capacity hard disks are also listed for an unbelievable price. The WD Gold 20TB hard drive listing shows a price of only $150(down from $679.99). Another 20TB model, the Red Pro, shows a $75 price instead of its $599.99 price. You can see the list of all discounted models in the above screenshot.

Western Digital Hard Disks At $1

The above prices are enough to excite everyone to place an order. Unfortunately, these hard drives are not in stock. It means none of the items are available for purchase. The lower price is most probably a pricing error from WD.

There is a notify me button on the WD website to notify you when the hard drives are back in stock. If that happens, it is unlikely that these hard drives will still be available for such crazy low prices. WD will fix the pricing error as the issue has widespread media coverage.

We noticed that only SATA-based hard drives are listed for much lower prices. The pricing of other products like SSDs, portable hard drives, and Ultrastar hard drives have made no such changes. The bug on the WD website appears to be affecting only the U.S. store. When we checked the other regional stores, they showed the regular price.

In case you are wondering if anyone has made a successful purchase. Let us make it very clear no there are no reports of the purchase at these prices. We will keep you updated if WD restocks these low-priced hard drives or fixes the bug affecting prices.

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