Welcome Google Glass 2.0: It’s Now Called Project Aura


google-glass-auraShort Bytes: The Google Glass team has been renamed as Project Aura and its hiring new engineers for the development Glass. The company has targeted the Amazon engineers who were laid off after the failure of Fire smartphone.

Google’s ride to build a connected eyewear project hasn’t been a smooth one. The company has been struggling to revive the Glass from a long time and it seems that it has got the things back on track.

The Google Glass team is now called Project Aura. The company is hiring engineers, project managers, software developers from Lab126, which is Amazon’s secretive hardware-focused research wing in Bay Area, according to Business Insider. In the past, Amazon has laid off tons of engineers after the failure of Fire smartphone. It seems that someone’s demise is some else’s prize.

It should be noted that Project Aura will remain under the hood of Google instead of being a new standalone company under Alphabet. Project Aura is run by Ivy Ross, who oversaw the Google Glass project. Ivy will be reporting to Google’s connected-home business Nest. It’s doubtful about what will happen when Nest becomes a separate company under Alphabet in near future.

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Project Aura has hired at least 4 Lab126 employees to work on the new Google Glass and the company has a dedicated recruiter to bring in more talent.

Apart from developing the next Google Glass, Project Aura is also working on making other wearables. A new software development manager Dmitry Svetlov, who joined Google recently, describes the project as “Glass & Beyond” on his LinkedIn page.

It should be noted that the original Google Glass costed $1,500 to the consumers earlier this year. The wearable was ultimately scrapped as it was too expensive, impractical and came with tons of privacy concerns. The device had the capability to record audio and video of a person without his/her permission.

Let’s hope that Google gets the things right this time and we get to see some more practicality in Google Glass 2.0.

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