Weird Bug Stops Windows 7 PCs From Shutting Down


Millions still mourn the death of Windows 7 but a weird bug is trying to keep the OS alive for some more time. Many users have reported that they’re facing an error message when trying to shut down their Windows 7 PC.

You don’t have permission to shutdown this computer,” the error message reads. Of course, the only foreseeable solution that comes to mind is to pull the power cable and get done with it. But users have made efforts to find workarounds and solutions to the bizarre issue.

According to one workaround suggested by a Redditor, the affected user can create a new Admin profile > login to it > login back again to the default Admin profile. After that, the shutdown problem should go away.

However, the folks at Quick Heal security have a more reliable solution in place. As per the firm, some problem related to Windows UAC prompt is preventing the systems from shutting down. Still, Quick Heal says it can’t confirm the exact cause of the problem.

Hence, it has laid out steps to enable the UAC using the Local Group Policy Editor in Windows 7. After finishing the steps, the user needs to restart the system which can be done by typing “shutdown -r” in the RUN box (Win+R).

Of course, given the fact that Windows 7 has reached end-of-life (EOL), Microsoft won’t be releasing any new issues for the operating system. However, recently, the company was forced to push out a fix after EOL to get rid of a bug that broke the desktop wallpaper on people’s machines.

via ZDNet

Aditya Tiwari

Aditya Tiwari

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