Big Discovery: Scientists Show That Water Exists In Two Different Liquid Forms

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Short Bytes: Water is a complex molecule, besides being precious. Latest research programmed by scientists at Stockholm University in Sweden reports that liquid water exists in two different states. And both of these states have different structures as well as density. The report suggested that the water form fluctuates between high and low density. This discovery has cleared various doubts regarding the water molecule.

What is water? We know. What are its properties? We know. What is then left more to know about this weird molecule?

The Big News is, the researchers have lately discovered that the liquid water exists in two different forms that have varying molecular structure and density.

The report was prepared by scientists from Stockholm University in Sweden who made use of X-rays to study the water molecule. In fact, the study revealed that water fluctuates between high and low-density state.

The subject of the “structure of water” has long been debated but to no logical and substantial explanation. Then lately, Anders Nilsson, a physicist at Stockholm University and his teammates got successful in studying the transition between the two forms.

The team conducted the experiment by discharging X-rays at ‘amorphous-ice.’ The procedure followed the transition of ice took place from high density to low density. While the X-rays fell on the ice, it scattered the water. The observation was that the ice turned into a viscous liquid and then flipped into a less dense but far more viscous liquid.

The research was done at a subzero temperature to retain the two liquids from mixing, else that would have troubled the detection of structures.

Anders Nilsson said that the two liquid forms would behave like oil and water if we happen to pour the liquid into a cup. There would be an interface between them as the two liquids would separate. Also, the difference in the density of the two liquid is 25%, which is quite big.

Besides, we know that water exists in three different phases- solid, liquid and gas. But the study proposed that there is one more state water can exist in- that is a plasma-like state. More to our surprise, scientists have noted around 70 properties of liquid water entirely distinct from any other liquid. In short, Water is a complex molecule.

With age, our knowledge is getting deeper corresponding to the discoveries that have unlocked various aspects of our physical and living world. Maybe water is not what we are studying it now. Maybe!!!

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