Watch: What Real Truck Owners Think Of Tesla Cybertruck?


Tesla Cybertruck has been all over the internet ever since it was revealed last month. Its design is one of its most discussed aspects. Some people love the design of the Tesla Cybertruck while others completely hate it.

But what do real truck owners think of the Tesla Cybertruck?

A new video from the Youtube channel TechKaboom answers this question. The channel’s hosts Fin and David went to Canada’s Alberta province to ask local truck owners what they thought about the new Tesla Cybertruck.

They asked a number of truck owners, all of whom owned conventional ICE vehicles. And their reaction to the Tesla Cybertruck is quite interesting, to say the least.

Tesla Cybertruck Vs ICE Truck Owners: Do They Love It?

All the people interviewed in the video own conventional trucks like Chevy Pickup, Toyota Takoma, Ford F-150, Chevy Silverado among others. Naturally, they’re used to seeing the conventional design of the truck and that’s why most of them were quite surprised when they saw what the Tesla Cybertruck looked like.

One veteran truck owner said the following about the Tesla Cybertruck: “Well it looks like it could be streamlined, but it doesn’t look like a truck. what it does remind me of are those jeeps they used to use in the second world war.”

He also jokingly said, “It’s ugly, but that also makes it hard to steal.

The show’s hosts also asked a Dodge Truck owner what he thought of the bulletproof nature of the Tesla Cybertruck. To which the owner said, “I don’t really see the use for me personally, maybe down in the states, I could see it is more vital, but up here I don’t see myself getting shot at.”

It is easy to see that most of the truck owners were thrown off by the design of the Tesla Cybertruck. One truck user said that it looked “weird” while the other one said, “The design looks like a little kid drew it.

Regular truck owners were impressed by the fact that the Tesla Cybertruck was able to beat the Porsche 911 in a drag race and a Ford F-150 in an uphill tug of war but were adamant that it wouldn’t change their buying decision.

The show hosts then showed the rest of the people a picture of the Rivian R1T electric truck and told them that it’s a Cybertruck and people’s reaction changed.

One guy said that the Rivian pickup truck looked quite futuristic and unconventional. However, when he saw the real images of the Cybertruck, he was quite thrown off. According to him, the design of the Tesla Cybertruck is futuristic and would take some time to catch on. He also said that if everyone started driving trucks like these, he’d buy one as well.

Speaking of buying a Cybertruck, almost everyone agreed that the $39,900 price tag was very competitive. According to one truck owner, most of the conventional trucks cost about fifty thousand Canadian Dollars; the Tesla Cybertruck would cost about the same.

One Chevy owner said he preferred the sound of his diesel engine and wouldn’t trade it for the Tesla Cybertruck. But the majority of truck owners said they wouldn’t be buying a Cybertruck, despite its world-class specs due to its design.

Will Tesla Cybertruck Find Its Place Among Regular Truck Owners?

Tesla Cybertruck might not be able to impress several conventional truck owners with its design, but it will do so in terms of its performance. People who own a pickup truck use it for lifting, towing and hauling heavy luggage.

Tesla Cybertruck has a very utilitarian aspect to it. Its looks are debatable but its functionality is unmatched. Its 500-mile battery range is more than several gasoline-powered cars. Cybertruck’s exoskeleton, made from cold-rolled steel, is dent and scratch proof and, up to a certain limit, bulletproof.

It also has an air suspension that doubles as a pneumatic pump and a power outlet for a different set of work tools.

The video simply proves that the world hasn’t caught up with the looks of Cybertruck but no one can deny that it outperforms every truck in terms of performance. That, most possibly, will be the Cybertruck’s biggest selling point.

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