Watch: Tesla Model 3 Burnout With A Dodge Challenger Hellcat

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If your day is going bad by any chance, then here’s your chance to watch a Tesla Model 3 burnout with a Dodge Challenger Hellcat. The same guys that showed us that a Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus can drift like a BOSS, have now proved that it can burn rubber along with Dodge Challenger Hellcat.

Here’s the video from the Youtube channel ‘lowlifeduramax.’

Tesla Model 3 Burnout Vs Dodge Challenger Hellcat

As we can see in the video, the Tesla Model 3 can go head-to-head in a rubber-burning competition with the Dodge Challenger. However, after spinning for some time, the tires of the Model 3 started to break.

At that moment he and his friend decided to stop drifting and started doing a rolling drag race. In the race, the Tesla Model 3 gained an initial jump but the Dodge Challenger, due to its better top end, took over Tesla and won.

It wasn’t a serious competition by any means but a simple friendly race between two friends who were trying to have some fun.

They mentioned that their last video reached 1 million views and blew up on the internet. So naturally, they thought, they should do more of it.

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After watching the video, I am sure this one too will blow up. Apart from that, I really admire the drifting skills of the presenters.

Tesla Model 3 isn’t drifting car by any means, but it has a powerful electric motor that produces enough power and torque to cause the tires to spin. It is also quite heavy than most cars which makes it a bit difficult to turn sideways to drift.

Let me know in the comments what you think this intense drift session.

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