Watch the Real-Life “Real Steel” Fight, Robots Clash for ROBO-ONE Tournament

As a part of the ROBO-ONE Humanoid Robot Helper Project, a lightweight tournament, this is ROBO-ONE 22: KING KIZER vs GAROO.

King Kizer latest combat technique is a surprising drop kick where the robot suddenly jumps into the air and kicks forward with both feet to try and topple the opponent.

It works well, especially when you have the element of surprise. But of course after opponents have seen it a few times, they know what’s coming and can prepare for it.

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In this second round ROBO-ONE match King Kizer fought Garoo, the champion. He had use the dropkick in his first-round match, and uses it again early in this match. However, he ran into trouble with the referee.

There are rules against just falling against opponents that date back to around 2007/2008 or so. Those rules were put in place because competitors at that time were taking unfair advantage of the rules. In this situation, after some discussion, the judges decided that this “dropkick” move would be allowed.

Of course, their opinions may change later, and we might see a revision to the rules to address this. It’s happened several times in the past. In any case, King Kizer ended up losing to Garoo.

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Video and Content Source: Youtube

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