Can You Watch Jennifer Lopez’s Shotgun Wedding Online For Free? Release Time, Plot & More

Seriously, what is it with J-Lo and movies about weddings?

Can You Watch Jennifer Lopez's Shotgun Wedding For Free Online? Release Time, Plot & More
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The rom-com renaissance is in full swing this year, with Shotgun Wedding joining the ranks. The upcoming American film is unlike any other romcom, blending thriller and action into the mix, and is directed by Jason Moore, the same guy who spearheaded cinematic comedic staples like Pitch Perfect and Sisters. The film, starring Jennifer Lopez and Josh Duhamel, depicts everything that can go wrong on one of the most important days of your life.

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Originally slated for a Lionsgate theatrical release, this entertaining action comedy was instead purchased by Amazon last year. That’s wonderful news for those of you who want to watch the newest JLo episodes while curled up on your couch.

When will Shotgun Wedding be released on Amazon Prime?

The Shotgun Wedding film will be available exclusively on Amazon Prime Video on Friday, January 27. Amazon original movies typically debut around 12 a.m. GMT, which means you can see Shotgun Weddings as early as 8 p.m. ET/ 5 p.m. PT/ 6.30 a.m. IST.

Can you watch it for free?

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Shotgun Wedding: Everything you need to know

In Shotgun Wedding (2023), Lopez plays Darcy, who embarks on a lavish island vacation with her fiancé, Tom (Josh Duhamel), in preparation for their dream wedding. Despite several setbacks, such as having to cope with her clinging but well-intentioned future mother-in-law, Carol (Jennifer Coolidge), and her suave and attractive ex, Sean (Lenny Kravitz), nothing can derail Darcy and Tom’s perfect day. That is, until all of their wedding guests are kidnapped by pirates, forcing Darcy and Tom to become unlikely action heroes in order to stop the armed band of goons and rescue their wedding (and guests). You can also check out the official plot synopsis for the movie below:

In Shotgun Wedding, Darcy (Jennifer Lopez) and Tom (Josh Duhamel) gather their lovable but very opinionated families for the ultimate destination wedding, just as the couple begin to get cold feet. And if that wasn’t enough of a threat to the celebration, suddenly everyone’s lives are in danger when the entire party is taken hostage. “’Til Death Do Us Part” takes on a whole new meaning in this hilarious, adrenaline-fueled adventure as Darcy and Tom must save their loved ones—if they don’t kill each other first.

Will she save her wedding and the others? Well, we will have to wait until the movie premieres to find out. While we wait for it, check out our guide on the Oscar-nominated movies here.

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