Watch How Spying Tools Are Used By Government Agencies To Infect Computers


hacking computer injecting spywareShort Bytes: In a demo video, an employee of a little-known surveillance company shows how their spying tool can be used to keep an on any possible target, monitor his internet life, and intercept his texts and video calls. Such tools are purchased by governments and security agencies in large numbers.

The turn of events in the last decade and people like Edward Snowden have made almost every netizen know about the surveillance activities conducted by governments. But, the governments and their affiliated security agencies don’t do all the technical stuff on their own. They have to purchase surveillance tools created by third-party developers at the cost of thousands or maybe millions of dollars.

Deals involving the purchase of such spying tools aren’t made in the broad daylight. Motherboard has obtained a video that shows RCS Lab demonstrating their spying tool to a potential customer, a government or a police department. These spying tools are used to propel criminal investigations.

In the video dated September 29, 2015, the representative of the company shows a controlled man-in-the-middle attack using the Mito3 spyware. The user (government or intelligence agency) of the spying tool can put a website injected with malicious code as bait. The most commonly used method is to display an Adobe Flash update pop-up.

When the target clicks on the fake update, the spying tool gets silently installed on target’s machine. It then opens the door for the government or security agency to track that person using GPS because it works for mobile platform also. One can smoothly intercept text messages, video calls, internet activity, etc.

— via Motherboard

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Aditya Tiwari

Aditya Tiwari

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