Where To Watch 12 Angry Men Online In 2023?

Where To Watch 12 Angry Men Online In 2023?
Image credit: Orion Nova

In the mood for a crime-drama movie? How about watching one of the earliest and most highly-rated movies in the genre available out there? We are talking about none other than the phenomenal 1957 blockbuster 12 Angry Men.

The film is shot in a play-like situation featuring 12 jury members who hold the life of a young boy in their hands. We will talk more about the plot later. First, let’s focus on where to watch the movie online in 2023, if it’s possible at all. But before we begin, feel free to check out our similar guide on two other classics, The Godfather and The Godfather Part II.

Which platform is streaming 12 Angry Men in 2023?

Where To Watch 12 Angry Men Online In 2023?
Image credit: Orion Nova

The movie is undoubtedly old. It’s further evident from the fact that it’s now even available in color. Instead, you can enjoy the 1 hour and 36 minutes of drama in black and white. On that note, the million-dollar question remains whether I can watch the film online in 2023 or not.

Well, to answer that question. Yes, you can technically stream it online on Amazon Prime Video. However, Prime Video hasn’t made the film available in all regions. Speaking of that, the likes of PlutoTV and Tubi.

The platforms claim to provide the classic for free in their library, but they are not available in every region. So if you are lucky enough, then you can watch the highly acclaimed film online in 2023. Otherwise, you will just have to wait for another streaming service to acquire its streaming rights.

12 Angry Men cast

The star cast of the movie is led by Henry Fonda, who obviously plays the lead. But apart from Fonda, here are the 11 actors who play the remaining 11 members of the jury alongside Fonda.

CharacterPlayed By
Juror 8Henry Fonda
Juror 3Lee J. Cobb
Juror 1Martin Balsam
Juror 2John Fiedler
Juror 4E.G. Marshall
Juror 5Jack Klugman
Juror 6Edward Binns
Juror 7Jack Warden
Juror 9Joseph Sweney
Juror 10Ed Begley
Juror 11George Voskovec
Juror 12Robert Webber

What is 12 Angry Men about?

The movie is set in a single courtroom setting. A jury featuring 12 people is called upon to bestow their judgment on a kid who is in court for allegedly murdering his father. Although initially, it seemed like an open-and-shut case, and 11 out of the 12 jury members wanted to convict the kid as the murderer. But thanks to the stubbornness of one juror, the kid gets some borrowed time.

Why? The juror wants the rest of the jury members to provide rock-solid proof about the kid being guilty of murdering his father. After an intense discussion of 3 hours or so, the jury reaches its conclusion. But what do they decide? Will the kid be saved? Or get thrown behind bars? You’ll have to watch the 1957 classic to get an answer to that question.

12 Angry Men FAQs

Why Is Juror 8 Considered A Hero?

For the simple reason of having reasonable doubt before reaching a conclusive decision.

Which Juror Was A Racist?

The only major detail revealed about Juror 10 was the fact that he was a racist and had an extremely bad cold.

Who Was The First Juror To Vote Not Guilty?

It was Juror 8, played by Henry Fonda, who was the first and, for a while, the only juror to vote not guilty.

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