Want to Quit Smoking? Get This Smartphone Connected Cigarette Box


Short Bytes: Thinking to quit smoking but need a push? Lowiee smart cigarette box allows you to set goals on your smartphone and help you to refrain from your nicotine cravings. The box with fingerprint scanner issues just one cigarette at a time.

There are about 1 billion smokers in the world and you know what, marijuana may kill cancer cells, but cigarettes target you. If you are a smoker, you probably would be aware of all the methods to help you quit smoking and even tried some of them. Well, since you are here, I assume none of those worked.

Don’t worry, there is one more way that would help you do away with smoke. It is an idea of a French startup Lowiee– the smartphone connected cigarette box. Lowiee is a specially designed cigarette box that will help you to refrain from your nicotine cravings and push you to reduce your cigarette numbers.

Lowiee is made of anodised aluminium and uses a fingerprint scanning sensor to authorise one cigarette at a time. It is linked to your smartphone and from its app, you can set your own realistic goals. Cool. No one to nag you every time you kiss that butt, just a subtle reminder that you are losing on your goal. Although, you can change the goal settings whenever you feel like.

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The app keeps score of the smokes you had last week/month and also encourages you by telling how much tar and nicotine you avoided by giving it a break. Now that’s smart.

The smart cigarette box can hold 20 king size cigarettes max and aims to help smokers develop self-control.


The Lowiee smart cigarette box will soon be in the market. Its price hasn’t been revealed as well.

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