Transform Your iPhone Into A ‘Game Boy Console’ With This Nostalgia-Filled Case

Game Boy iPhone Case
Image: Wanle Cases

If you are looking for some cool cases for your iPhone, here’s an awesome looking (and functioning) Game Boy styled iPhone case that lets you play most popular classic games like Tetris from your childhood.

Yes, you read it right! This iPhone cover called the Wanle Gamers Console For iPhone lets you play good old games and protects your smartphone at the same time. Apart from Tetris, you can play ten other games installed in it such as Tank, Frogger, Formula One Racing, Snake & Block, and others.

It has the same appearance as the classic Game Boy, featuring a pair of A/B buttons, D-pad, on/off switch button, reset function and a sound button. The square monochrome LCD looks exactly like the original game console which brings backs old memories.

The best part is that it has a slim and lightweight body, unlike the old fat Game Boy, which makes it easier to handle and carry. Raised buttons on the case help further in protecting against bumps and falls.

Its hard plastic body renders sufficient protection and offers full port access to headphone jack, speaker, flash, etc. This case is available for all models between iPhone 6 to X. So if you have a thing for retro games, you can buy one for yourself at a price of $11.55 from Amazon.

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